Ukri parish
Memorial stone to chemist Gustavs Vanags
Ukri parish
Gustavs Vanags (1891- 1965) was an outstanding chemist and scientist of Latvia. Memorial stone is put  in the place where his home „Rungas” once was. “Rungas” is located on  11th kilometer of  autoroad Bēne—Ukri.
Nature Preserve „Ukru gārša”
Ukru, Bukaišu parishes
+371 26193472
Nature Preserve „Ukru gārša” is remarkable with its variety of biotrope, old oak trees and richness in rare species of birds. This restricted area protects forest habitats, animals and plants. Here is created a nature and wood knowledge path where you can get acquainted with trees, different kind of plants and nature with the help of  the guide. Everyone who are interested can watch these hundred years old oak trees, birds and plants wich are  in the Red Book.  Excursions are guided and booking is requested in advance.
Sniķere Evangelist Lutheran church
Ukri parish
The first church of Sniķere was built in 1669, but in 1830 it broke down. A new church was built from 1839 till1841. It was destroyed in World War II. Now there are left only brick remains.
The History room in Ukri
Ukru parish "Stariņi"

+371 27828440
The History room offers an insight into the history of Ukru parish. There are exposed old pictures and different ancient household items and tools, as well as historical books.
Booking in advance.
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