Īle parish
The farmstead  “Ieviņas” 
"Ieviņas", Īle parish
+371 29286639
The Luste family are the owners of the farmstead “Ieviņas” surrounded by forests.  They offer opportunity to see domestic animals and domestic polecats, to learn the history of domestication.  The hostess Sarmīte gladly shows around the neighbourhood, tells about the interesting history of this location,  cherry blossom festival in the spring,  as well as shares her knowledge on the permacultrure potato growing.  
This is a place where you can make a soup yourselves and pitch  a tent undisturbed.  Advance reservation requested.
 The farmstead  "Guntiņas"
 "Guntiņas", Īle
+371 29273252

The farmstead  "Guntiņas" located nearby the Spārnu castle mound, has been growing shiitake mushrooms a little bit more than 20 years. Other medicinal mushrooms are also cultivated here  - common stinghorn  and reishi polypore. One can get acquainted with the shiitake mushroom specific growing methods in the  "Guntiņas", to taste them prepared by host-made recipes as well as to learn how to grow them for their own pleasure.  Furthermore, a particular offer is to explore the surrounding environnment in a way most acceptable to you – on foot, by bike or car. It is possible to enjoy the tranquility and the hosts’ hospitality. The farmstead welcomes groups of families and relatives, friends up to 20 people. Tent sites available. Advance reservation required.
The farm “Krīgeri” 
„Kalnacīruļi’’, Īle parish
+371 26201427
The farmhouse  ''Kalnacīruļi'' of  Īle municipality  is hosted by the  Grīslīši family who keep the Latvian traditions. The big and small visitors are offered a tour around the farm „Krīgeri”, an opportunity to see to the pretty large sheep flock as well as  to get to know Marika’s baking and weaving handicrafts.  The groups can enjoy savouring a real countryside taste  –  freshly baked bread  naturally leavened as in the good old days, tasty snacks amd a soup prepared on fire. The tent sites are available for tourists.
Māra grove
Īle parish
+371 29353183
Māra grove is located approximately 4 km from Īle, in Zebrenes direction.  The memorial grove is a dedication of the association  „Zebrus draugi” to the local people and their native houses which have disappeared from the map of Latvia in the last century.  The Māra altar – a symbolic stone heap,  has been created in the center of the state forest clearing which was planted with new maples, lindens and oak trees The author of the Grove and altar  - V.Lukjanovs.
Forest trail „We can’t be without each other”
Īle parish
+371 29353183
The trail of  length of about 1.5 km with differents forest types can be explored in the practical lessons by an  environment guide.
Īle Lutheran Church
Īle parish
Īle Lutheran Church was built in 1682. During the rebel of 1905 it was partly destroyed, but later renovated. From 1945 church is closed. The famous priest Augusts Bīlenšteins has preached there.
Spārnu Castle Mound
Īle parish
Spārnu Castle Mound is about 30 metres high and the slope of the hill is very steep - about 45 degrees. The Castle Mound was inhabited from 9th till the 13th centuries. Supposedly, it was the centre of the Spārnene terrain.
Lake Spārnu
Īle parish 
+371 63822162, +371 29269882
Lake Spārnu – surrounded by woods and hills.There is a rest area for fishermen on the shore. At the lake there is a nice recreation area with tables and benches. Spārnu Castle Mound can be seen on the opposite side of the lake. Booking in advance requested for a longer stay at the lake.
Lake Sesava
Īle parish
The lake is rich in fish, and it is an excellent recreation area for nature lovers. The Lake Sesava is charming with its beautiful landscape.Recreation site of state stock company "Latvijas Valsts meži" has been established here.
Lake Ružu
Īle parish
A good recreation place for everyone who loves nature, silence and fishing. The small Lake Ružu is charming with its peace. Recreation site of state stock company "Latvijas Valsts meži" has been established here.
Memorial stone to the Krišjānis Barons
Īle parish
Father of Latvian Folk songs - Krišjānis Barons lived at the farm house „Burtnieki” from 1837 – 1845. His father Juris Barons was burried in Īle graveyard.
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