The cyclist guide around Zemgale contains 18 different routes and it contains a description of each route and recommended starting and finishing poitn of the route, distance, road surface, possible alternatives, also the most  significant  tourism objects are included, cafes and accommodation are indicated. All routes mostly head along the roads of minor importance with low traffic intensity.  Two of them run through Auce County:
08 Vicinity of Auce (Auce-Ķevele springs – Losbergi –Zuši –Lielauce -Auce) – The key attraction sites of the route are Auce and Lielauce.
09 Borderland of Auce and Saldus Counties-manors and castles (Auce-Vītiņi-Priedula –Vadakste – Ruba –Ezerkrogs – Jaunauce – Ķevele – Vecauce - Auce) – Route along low intensity gravel roads heads via Auce and Saldus counties. This route can be united with the route 08 of Auce vicinity.
Be careful and drive carefully!
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