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Crafts market
Raiņa street 6, Auce

Traditional crafts and artwork — find better souvenirs by buying local.

A vast variety of different kind of products: mugs, jewelry, handmade scarfs, candles, natural products and much more. This little shop offers an opportunity to see all these unique products and beautiful masterpieces under one roof.

Auce Municipality Tourism Information Centre

Raiņa street 14, Auce
+371 27823375
We offer
  • free tourist maps and brochures about Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia;

  • information on tourism and recreation opportunities in the Auce county:

  • places of interest, events and activities,

  • tourism routes, accommodation, catering, celebration and banquet venues.

Auce county coat of arms is based on the coat of arms of Count Medem’s family,  one of the elements - the postal horn, as the Count Medem's name is closely connected with several places of Auce county.  In ancient times the postal horn sound heralded the arrival of the mail coach, inviting people to gather. The postal horn in the new coat of arms will call residents of Auce county for good works and growth for their region.

Auce county was established on July 1, 2009. The geographical location of Auce county is the southern part of Zemgale. The county borders with Saldus, Brocēni, Dobele and Tērvete counties and the Republic of Lithuania, 100 km from Riga.The total area of Auce County : 517.8 sq km and it includes: Auce town (administrative center) and Bēne, Īle, Lielauce, Ukri, Vītiņi, Vecauce parishes. The most important natural resources of Auce county are the vast agricultural land and forests. Nature reserves such as "Vīķu purvs", "Ukru gārša" and "Garākalna smilšu krupja atradne" are located in the territory of the county.  The Spārnu, Sesava and Lielauce lakes are important places for recreation and society. Two regional roads cross Auce county. Road P-96 “Pure-Auce-Grivaiši” and P-104 “Tukums-Auce-Lithuanian border”. On the outskirts of Auce lies the famous Vecauce Castle, Ķevele Springs. There are several important producers of agricultural and industrial products: LLU MPS "Vecauce", "Tand Ukri", Ltd. "Bēnes PB", Ltd. "PF Vecauce", Ltd. "Tehnika Auce", Ltd. "Fortuna EK", etc. There are 3 preschools in Auce and Bēne, 2 secondary schools in Auce and Bēne, Auce Music School and Bēne Music and Art School. There are 7 libraries in the county. Cultural events are provided by the Auce Cultural Center and 4 parish folk houses. Every year on the last week of July the people of Auce town and its guests can enjoy the festival of the Auce county and the annual brass band concert by Gunārs Ordelovskis which has become very popular all over Latvia.  Auce is active in non-governmental organizations, mainly in the fields of social support, aid, culture, arts, interest education activities and values, and family strengthening. The long-term development of Auce county is focused on three strategic goals: 1) economically active county; 2)  creative educational county; 3) green relaxing area.
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