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Vecauce Castle
Akadēmijas street 11, Vecauce
+371 29195959, 63745302
Vecauce Castle is an architectural monument of National significance and was built from 1842 to 1845 in anglo-saxon neogothic style after the design of German architect F.S.Stieler for the Count Medem. It is surrounded by a well- kept landscape park from the 19th century.
The castle has several halls to be rented for seminar and conference events, banquets, weddings and various family parties.  Accommodation available for 18 people,  double rooms with amenities.  The catering is provided by the kitchen of the castle and the food is served from the vegetables, fruits and berries harvested in the own farm.
A unique exposition on the Vecauce manor household, the castle, as well as the Count Medem’s  family can be found in the exhibition hall of the castle. Right there one can look at 2 authentic everyday wear of the nobles in the Latvian territory in the  80-ties of the 19th century.
The castle is managed by the Study and Research House “Vecauce” of the Latvia University of Agriculture.
In the Castle exhibition hall you can observe Vecauce historical exposition about Vecauce manor, its owners, the roots of Auce city and the establishment of Vecauce experimental farm in 1921. In the exhibition you can also view reconstructed costumes worn on Latvian territory during the 1980s.
Prior arrangement.
Vecauce Evangelic Lutheran church
Akadēmijas street 11, Vecauce
+371 28849204
Vecauce Evangelic Lutheran church is an architectural monument of National significance.
The brick church was built in  1744, but in 1866 in its turn, during the Medems’  reign, the church was expanded up to 500 seats. Its interior is interesting.  The church serves also as a tourist attraction. The visitors are offered to go on an interesting, recreational and informative tour along the church. One can look at the exhibition containing  unique documents on  Auce and the history of the church,  which is partly displayed in the Art hall over the sacristy.  One can climb the church tower and listen to the sounds of organ. Prior arrangement.
The farmstead “Putni” 
Vecauce parish
+371 22027839
The farmstead „Putni" is located approximately 2,5 km from the city of  Auce, in the direction of Lielauce.  The building is of a heritage value and has been a school  1867-1915, but during the 2nd World war –   a fortification.  The picnic sites available, tea, coffee, King’s spring water and more serious catering by prior arrangement for smaller tourist groups, families.
It is possible to park a trailer, pitch a tent, relax, receive information on the tourist attractions  in the nearby vicinity, to see the paintings gallery of the host Harijs Reihs and visit the private practice of the astrologer Ilzes Reiha.
During the summer season it is possible to organize small family parties or anniversary celebrations.
“Dienvidi Plus” Ltd 
Aspazija square 3, Auce
 +371 29177535
“Dienvidi Plus” Ltd  is an enterprise which developed an idea of growing sea buckthorn  in 2000 and is one of the first sea buckthorn taste initiators  in Latvia. It offers the sea buckthorn  product  tastings  over 1 hour  up to 10 product varieties with a story about the outstanding properties of the valuable berries and their beneficial effect on human health.    These are high quality products because of only juice, berries and other natural raw materials are used in manufacturing. After tasting it is possible to buy products for the producer prices.
Guelder-roses are grown and processed into multiple good quality products. Those who are interested are offered to view the guelder-rose garden and hear about the process of their cultivation, processing, the great qualities of the berries and their use in the bettering of one’s health and beauty. It is also possible to purchase the products.
Folk Applied Arts Studio “Auce”
Auce Crafts House

Raiņa street 14, Auce
+371 28396984
Possibility to experience the weaving process as well to try to do it by yourself.
Booking in advance.
A visit to the bakery and workshop Ltd. "Bene PB"
Jelgavas street 29, Bēne
Booking is requested in advance: +371 63758263, +371 26667080, 
A visit to the bakery and acquaintance about the bread baking process and biscuit tasting.
Opportunity to see confectionery cooking process. Cookie baking and decorating.
The bakery tour and participation in the workshop  - 3.00 EUR.
The bakery tour  - 1.50 EUR.
Folk Applied Arts Studio “Bēne”
Stacijas street 8, Bēne
+371 29816260
A unique opportunity is offered to learn about the weaving technique of Zemgale woolen shawls – from the very basics to the final result. The weavers would gladly teach everybody and allow to try yourselves in weving by  giving advice and suggesting useful ideas.
Nature Preserve „Ukru gārša”
Ukru, Bukaišu parishes
+371 26193472
Nature Preserve „Ukru gārša” is remarkable with its variety of biotrope, old oak trees and richness in rare species of birds. This restricted area protects forest habitats, animals and plants. Here is created a nature and wood knowledge path where you can get acquainted with trees, different kind of plants and nature with the help of  the guide. Everyone who are interested can watch these hundred years old oak trees, birds and plants wich are  in the Red Book.  Excursions are guided and booking is requested in advance.
The farmstead  “Ieviņas” 
 "Ieviņas", Īle parish
+371 29286639

The Luste family are the owners of the farmstead “Ieviņas” surrounded by forests.  They offer opportunity to see domestic animals and domestic polecats, to learn the history of domestication.  The hostess Sarmīte gladly shows around the neighbourhood, tells about the interesting history of this location,  cherry blossom festival in the spring,  as well as shares her knowledge on the permacultrure potato growing.  
This is a place where you can make a soup yourselves and pitch  a tent undisturbed.  Adcance reservation requested.
The farm “Krīgeri” 
„Kalnacīruļi’’, Īle parish
+371 26201427
The farmhouse  ''Kalnacīruļi'' of  Īle municipality  is hosted by the  Grīslīši family who keep the Latvian traditions. The big and small visitors are offered a tour around the farm „Krīgeri”, an opportunity to see to the pretty large sheep flock as well as  to get to know Marika’s baking and weaving handicrafts.  The groups can enjoy savouring a real countryside taste  –  freshly baked bread  naturally leavened as in the good old days, tasty snacks amd a soup prepared on fire. The tent sites are available for tourists.
The farmstead  "Guntiņas"
Īle, "Guntiņas"
+371 29273252
The farmstead  "Guntiņas" located nearby the Spārnu castle mound, has been growing shiitake mushrooms a little bit more than 20 years. Other medicinal mushrooms are also cultivated here  - common stinghorn  and reishi polypore. One can get acquainted with the shiitake mushroom specific growing methods in the  "Guntiņas", to taste them prepared by host-made recipes as well as to learn how to grow them for their own pleasure.  Furthermore, a particular offer is to explore the surrounding environnment in a way most acceptable to you – on foot, by bike or car. It is possible to enjoy the tranquility and the hosts’ hospitality. The farmstead welcomes groups of families and relatives, friends up to 20 people. Tent sites available. Advance reservation required.
Forest trail „We can’t be without each other”
Īle parish
 +371 29353183
The trail of  length of about 1.5 km with differents forest types can be explored in the practical lessons by an  environment guide.
Inga Eglīte’s cakes
“Skrastiņi”, Vītiņi
+371 29416250
Inga Eglīte makes cakes using 26 various recipes. The cakes are made  from natural products  and decorated according to the customers’ wishes.  It is possible to order cakes with martellato sugar dress or marzipan glaze, or decors as well as to take part in the cake tastings. Catering can be provided.
The recreation complex  “Vizuļi”
Vītiņi parish
 +371 29222659
The recreation complex provides peace, silence and privacy for everyone  and provides opportunity to regain strength in a bathhouse or an outdoor tub.  The active recreation lovers have a sand volleyball court in their possession, but a cozy  family room with a balcony is available for families with children.  The smallest  are offered  board games and a playground.  The guests are welcome to use the wide halls for parties and banquets (up to 100 persons) as well as a camping house with all amenities.  The beds are available up to 50 people. A tent site, a bathhouse (up to 30 people) is available, a hall for weddings , parties, an outdoor tub (up to 6 persons), an outdoor volleyball court,  childrens’ playground, a facilitated camping house,  a pergola. Please contact the host on the prices and possibilities for relaxation at the recreation complex.
The farm “Lielvaicēni”
Vītiņi parish
+371 29161420
The farm “Lielvaicēni” is a diversified farm. Main business activity: is production and marketing of beekeping products. Products: honey, pollen, sauna honey and bee bread.
The recreation center  “Lielauces kliņģeris”
“Kastaņas”, Lieauce
+371 26486941, 63754678
The recreation center at the Lielauce lake offers to relax in summer bungalows or a bath house with all amenities. A remedial bath house is available up to 25 people. The common stinghorn juice and extracts for rubbing are applied  after using the bath house. This is a tranquil, fenced place for lovers of privacy and relaxation.  Children are welcome to use the playground. The shop located in the recreational center provides opportunity to buy various kinds of  lollipops produced by the above enterprise. The lollipops contain neither chemical additives, nor  food colorants.  The visitors can catch fish and crayfish  as well as cook on the grill.
Boat rental, kemping houses at lake Lielauce
+371 26556771
Lielauce Lake is rich in  many species of fishes. It is also surrounded by marsh which is nature preserve. Wooden footpaths will lead you from the Lielauce castle to the marina of JSC “Latvijas valsts meži”. The lake is popular among fishermen and birds-watchers. At the lake coast is a facility for boat rentals and and kemping houses - (each for 4 persons).
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