Vecauce parish
Vecauce Castle
Akadēmijas street 11, Vecauce
+371 29195959, 63745302
Vecauce Castle is an architectural monument of National significance and was built from 1842 to 1845 in anglo-saxon neogothic style after the design of German architect F.S.Stieler for the Count Medem. It is surrounded by a well- kept landscape park from the 19th century.
The beautiful stained glass windows of the  castle are made by the artist Dace Riekstiņa.
The tapestry  woven from sheep’s wool, the author Mārtiņš Heimrāts , can be viewed on the wall of the banquet hall.
The castle has several halls to be rented for seminar and conference events, banquets, weddings and various family parties.  Accommodation available for 18 people,  double rooms with amenities.  The catering is provided by the kitchen of the castle and the food is served from the vegetables, fruits and berries harvested in the own farm.
A unique exposition on the Vecauce manor household, the castle, as well as the Count Medem’s  family can be found in the exhibition hall of the castle. Right there one can look at 2 authentic everyday wear of the nobles in the Latvian territory in the  80-ties of the 19th century.
The castle is managed by the Study and Research House “Vecauce” of the Latvia University of Agriculture.
In the Castle exhibition hall you can observe Vecauce historical exposition about Vecauce manor, its owners, the roots of Auce city and the establishment of Vecauce experimental farm in 1921. In the exhibition you can also view reconstructed costumes worn on Latvian territory during the 1980s.
Prior arrangement.
Vecauce Evangelic Lutheran church
Akadēmijas street 11, Vecauce
+371 28849204
Vecauce Evangelic Lutheran church is an architectural monument of National significance.
The brick church was built in  1744, but in 1866 in its turn, during the Medems’  reign, the church was expanded up to 500 seats. Its interior is interesting.  The church serves also as a tourist attraction. The visitors are offered to go on an interesting, recreational and informative tour along the church. One can look at the exhibition containing  unique documents on  Auce and the history of the church,  which is partly displayed in the Art hall over the sacristy.  One can climb the church tower and listen to the sounds of organ. Prior arrangement.
The farmstead “Putni” 
Vecauce parish
+371 22027839
The farmstead „Putni" is located approximately 2,5 km from the city of  Auce, in the direction of Lielauce.  The building is of a heritage value and has been a school  1867-1915, but during the 2nd World war –   a fortification.  The picnic sites available, tea, coffee, King’s spring water and more serious catering by prior arrangement for smaller tourist groups, families.
It is possible to park a trailer, pitch a tent, relax, receive information on the tourist attractions  in the nearby vicinity, to see the paintings gallery of the host Harijs Reihs and visit the private practice of the astrologer Ilzes Reiha.
During the summer season it is possible to organize small family parties or anniversary celebrations.
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