Auce Local Municipality administration
Jelgava street 1, Auce
+371 63745280, fax +371 63781719
Auce region Council building was built around year 1905 for the needs of  the private school.  The designer was the owner of the school Jānis Lagzdiņš and the name of the school was ”J.Lagzdiņš 4 Year private School for girls”. The building material were bricks from the nearby brick – kiln in Vecauce. It worked from 1911 till 1915. After the World War I till 1927/28 the premises held the primary school classes. In the course of time there had been municipality, the police, grain store house,   the Communist Party Committee and Training and Research Farm “Vecauce” office. At present there is the Auce local Municipality.
The Sun clock
Bēne street 2, Auce
The Sun clock has a form of  post horn and can be seen in the coat of arms of Auce municipality surrounded by musical notes,  the first beats of which are  taken from the county song “Nice life in Vecauce” (“Jauki dzīvot Vecaucē”).
The foundation encloses the coats of arms of the cooperation partners of our municipality.
The sun clock is a specific mechanism reckoning the passage of time by using visual movement of the Sun (and its shadow) caused by the Earth rotation during the day.  The form and the location of the sun clock is created in such a way as to tell the  time in sunny weather in accordance with the astrological chart. The time is shown by the shadow cast by a slanting obelisk on the hour lines. The hour lines which stand scattered  show the summer time of our time zone.  During  winter one hour should be subtracted.  The scientific name of  the device casting the slanting shadow is a gnomon and it is not only facing north but also indicates the Polar star.  In order to tell the time, the shadow of gnomon should be watched. The hour line (oblique cylinders) to which the gnomon points  is the  particular hour of the day (depending on context – just was or will be in a moment).
The sun clock was opened  25.07.2015. during the XX Auce municipality festival.  The author of the design and technical project is Mārtiņš Gills.  The base of the sun clock was build by  “Akmens stils” Ltd under  Uldis Gaušs supervision but the metal constructions  – Aivars Oleksāns,  “Lakta” Ltd.
Aspazija’s square
At one time there was a city market place and it was a strict tradition (1920-1940) in Auce to have 6 fairs a year. The square was paved by round boulders  which were broken out later in 1954. There were shops, tea houses and pubs on the ground floors of the houses around the square. The square got its name becouse it is next to Raiņa street. At present it is a popular recreation place for the inhabitants of Auce.
Centre Square
Centre Square is located in the “heart” of the Auce town, in Raina street. In square surface, according to the artist's R.Junkers idea, is created the cancer from coat of arms of Auce town which is best seen from above.
Folk Applied Arts Studio “Auce”
Auce Crafts House

Raiņa street 14, Auce
+371 28396984
Possibility to experience the weaving process as well to try to do it by yourself.
Booking in advance.
A House of Narbss
Raiņa street 19
Auce is closely connected with the lives of Latvian celebrities - a writer Irma Grebzde, a poetress Veronika Strēlerte, a specialist of  literature and writer Ingrīda Sokolova. There used to be a primary school in this building. From 1910 till 1915 there was Cirkaļa trade school, but from 2006 –  the post office of Auce .
Auce Roman Catholic Church
Bēne street 29, Auce
+371 29384441
In 1937 was founded Auce Catholic parish. The project of the Church was designed by Jelgava building inspector Reizans. All the Church parish members took an active part in the building works. The Church was finished and consecrated in 1938 and it is attractive with its original wooden interior.
Memorial mark to Ludvigs Teteris
Aspazija’s square 2, Auce
The mark was unveiled on July 28, 2005 to the strong personality of Auce and the former head of the farm “Vecauce“. The mark was made by sculptor Gļebs Pantaļējevs.
Auce Region Museum
Jelgavas street 1a, Auce
+371 63744880, +371 27234216
The museum offers an insight into the history of Auce Town. There are exposed old pictures and various historical scenes. Booking in advance.
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