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Auce region
Auce county was established in 2009 by merging Auce town and its rural territory, as well as Bēne, Īle, Lielauce, Ukri and Vītiņi parishes.

The total area of Auce region : 517.8 sq km.

Number of inhabitants in Auce region – 8197.

The county is located in the south of Latvia between Zemgale and Kurzeme, only 7 km from Lithuanian border and 40 kilometers from Dobele. Its administrative center is Auce town.

The distance from Auce to the capital of Latvia - Riga - is nearly 100 km. Auce county territory is crossed by the motor-roads Riga -Jelgava-Auce-Ezere and Tukums-Auce-border of Lithuanian.

Limestone, sand and gravel are extracted in Auce neighborhood. The county is rich in forests, which covers almost 20 thousand hectares (38,6% of the total area). However, more than half of the territory is occupied by agricultural land, namely it is about 26 thousand hectares (50.2% of the total area).

The geographic location of the county and its vast area create favorable conditions fot sustainable socio-county economic develepment.

The main business activities of the registered companies are production and processing of agricultural products (28%), rendering services (57%), industrial production (14%) and tourism (1%).
Auce region coat of arms is based on the coat of arms of Count Medem’s family, one of the elements - the postal horn, as the Count Medem's name is closely connected with several places of Auce region. 

In ancient times the postal horn sound heralded the arrival of the mail coach, inviting people to gather. The postal horn in the new coat of arms will call residents of Auce region for good works and growth of their region.

The flag of Auce county
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